Our Visionary

Biographical Highlights

Pastor Michael A. Thompson, Sr. is a man called, ordained, chosen, anointed and sent by God. He is the sixth and youngest child of Reverend C. L. and Rose Thompson. Pastor Thompson is a respectable family man and is married to the lovely, Carla M.Thompson; they are the proud parents of two beautiful children: Alana and Michael Thompson, Jr.

Pastor Thompson is indeed a gifted and anointed young man of God. He’s a preacher, teacher, singer, songwriter, musician, and an accomplished gospel recording artist. During his early years and before accepting his call to preach God’s Word, he had been greatly used in the spiritual vineyard as a Minister of Music. However, in his senior year of high school, he received, acknowledged and accepted the call to proclaim God’s word. In 1994, he preached his first sermon then continued to work faithfully in God’s interest as he ministered to God’s people through the spoken Word and fully embracing his gift in the Ministry of Music.

January 1998, Pastor Thompson was elected and called to pastor the Lily Grove Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama. After being called to serve and pastor Lily Grove, he was ordained at Providence Baptist Church in Marion, Alabama under the ministerial leadership and exhortation of the esteemed Pastor R. S. McCraney. Upon entering the pastorate at Lily Grove, the congregation grew by leaps and bounds under his visionary leadership, influence and example. During his tenure at Lily Grove, Rev. Thompson and the Lily Grove Baptist Church family witnessed the church grow spiritually, financially, and numerically. God found Rev. Thompson to be a faithful steward over the congregation at Lily Grove and therefore saw fit to entrust Greater Union Baptist Church family into his care in December 2008.


In December 2008, after prayerful consideration, Pastor Thompson accepted the call to pastor Greater Union Baptist Church, and on February 8, 2009, he was installed as the 16th Pastor. Since entering the pastorate at Greater Union, Pastor Thompson and the church family have seen the hand of God move in so many wonderful ways and the church continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Since his arrival at Greater Union, the church has grown in many aspects and more than 500 members have been added to the congregation.

Pastor Thompson holds a BS degree in Business Administration(Summa Cum Laude) and a MS degree in Leadership and Management. History also reflects and documents his continued commitment to study and show himself approved unto God (II Timothy 2:15). Theological educational pursuits and degree attainments were secured while attending Bethel Bible College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling. In May 2010, Pastor Thompson graduated and received his Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

Although he is accomplished in many areas, Dr. Michael Thompson yet remains humble under the mighty hand of God. Because of the anointing of God that rests upon his life and ministry, Dr. Michael Thompson is sought out by many in their desire to secure him to minister in conferences, revivals, concerts, etc.