Trustee Ministry


The Trustee Ministry is to build and edify the Body of Christ by maintaining the property of the Church in a manner pleasing to the Lord. The aspects of the duties of the Trustee Ministry are spiritual, financial, advisory and functionary. The Trustee Ministry in service is  tri-fold; to God, the Pastor and the Church. The Trustees serve willingly and respectfully to all people at all times; to help and serve others assuring that all needs of the Church are being met; assist and help bring to pass the vision that God has given to our Pastor; to be a blessing to God's people and a blessing in the life of His Church.



Tyler Walker, Co-Director

Earnestine Billups
Wilbert Bunkley
Patricia Dixon
Michael Gardner
Enest Lett
Ivy Lett
Malcolm McCorvey
Roosevelt Page
 Gwendolyn Robinson
Alice Stanberry
Linsey Stevens
Emmett Thompson
   November 2018   
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